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The Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research is a scientific and educational corporation dedicated to the controlling and to the eventual complete eradication of some of the terrible invading diseases that adverely affect the health of the trees of our forests, shade trees and our fruit and nut trees, and to reestablish forests with trees that are free from many of these severely harmful diseases.

To help accomplish this, we will build the first tree pathology research institute in the State of Washington. We will design and build the Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research Center where advanced tree pathology and entomology research will be done This institute will not be a part of any university or college, but a self supporting corporation. Therefore we will not have some of their funding problems. However, we may work closely with select university or college programs and with any other institute's tree pathology and entomology research programs.
This important forestry patholgy research center will be complete with up-to-date laboratories, research libraries, classrooms, greenhouses, tree nurseries, corporative and research offices, dormitories, cafeterias, and support buildings for advanced tree pathology and entomology research and studies.

Our pathology and entomology research facility will be developed into an outstanding research center to help find effective ways to safely control some of the most devastating invasive tree diseases and to eliminate their effects upon our trees.

In addition, The Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research will work diligently to find safe natural means to effectively control or where necessary, eradicate some of the many invasive insects that harm the trees of our forests, homes, business, and farms.

We will acquire additional forest lands. These forest lands will be used for outdoor forest research facilities, pathology research, and forest tree disease public awareness programs. These forest lands may be acquired as logged off properties, and we will replant the trees and restore the forests. Or the forest lands may be well forested, complete with creeks, wetlands, marshes, and swamps. Several of these forest lands will always remain with our corporation.

We are looking for several additional parcels of forest land and several fruit and nut orchards to lease, which will be used as pathology research areas and where studies and experiments will be performed to develope effective controls and cures for diseases of trees and their insect problems.

A significate portion of our funding base depends upon research grants, research work orders, grants, donations, gifts, and our fund raising activities. However, we will also work to develop and implement income producing activities such as selling trees from our forestry nursery.
We are planning to build and operate a large commercial income producing building with a large hall for group activities and meetings that may be rented. In addition, this facility which will be built on a prominent location in the Columbia River valley, will be a distinctive destination with bed and breakfast facilities.

We are developing public awareness programs to educate the general public about the diseases and insect problems of our forests and crop trees. One part of this program will be to establish several public awareness displays that will show the effects of diseases and insect harm to trees. And why it is important that these problems are safely controlled, or stopped permanently.

The Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research promotes sound forestry management, timber growth, safe disease and insect control, environmental education, and the wise use of our nation's renewable forest resources.
Beginning in 2008, as the Forest Pathology Research Center, members have joined together to learn about trees and their tree diseases, enjoy our forests, conserve and plant trees, and help to restore the health, beauty and sustainability of our nation's trees.

In addition The Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research will produce the tree seedlings, or fund their purchase, for the planting of timber trees on public forest lands. These tree planting projects, made possible by Forest Pathology Research Center funding, will require a sound management plan that will ensure the forests will be cared for to provide quality natural timber resources for future generations.

Note: The raise money to begin our company, we collected conifer tree cones from various forests, and sold these cerified seed cones the Weyerhaeuser Company. We also bid on tree seedling planting projects for DNR and federal forest reforestation jobs. We got our share every year.

Educational and demonstration forests will be established to help teach school children, interested persons and organizations, tree nursery personal, fruit and nut tree owners, timber land owners, Christmas tree growers, and private landowners how to recognize and control tree diseases and insect problems, and to be good stewards of our public and private forest lands.

Trees are an important renewable resource of our Earth. If you appreciate the natural beauty, warmth, strength, and durability of wood, you can help establish healthy forests for future generation's natural resource needs.
Join The Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research. Contributions to The Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research may be tax-deductible.

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