Board of Director Memberships

We are looking for people to join our board of directors, to join us as members, and help us as a team member to design, build, and operate the Washington Institute of Dendrology Research. We need persons that have a strong desire to help us to find cures for the imported tree diseases, and bug problems that are devastating many of our forest trees, shade trees, and fruit and nut trees.
We need the help of people as members, and the help of other organizations that want to help us in this important project.

Board   Members

We are seeking persons, committed to our mission, to join our Board of Director and help us design, finance, build, and operate the Washington Institute of Dendrology Research.

The board of director job descriptions are as follows.

Additional board members will help direct our corporative activites. These persons should be dedicated to solving tree diseases and bug problems. And help us build and operate the Washington Institute of Dendrology Research.

The board members do not have to located in Western Washington. Sometimes the board members can better serve our goals by knowing their local forest, shade, or crop tree problems.

Our corporation's bylaws provide for reasonable wages to be paid to our board members for services, plus expenses incured in performing the duties of board members. Payments will be made following state and federal guidelines.

Persons interested in joining the board of directors, joining our group, or just asking questions, please send an email, or call.

  • Email:
    Attention: Board Of Director positions

  • Phone: 425.785.2656,
    If we are out, please leave a message.

Mission Statement

"To bring together the top tree pathologists of today and tommorrow to create better healthier forests and trees through the power of science and education."

Future Job Opening

We are applying for our 501(3C) classification. Once this is approved, and we obtain funding, we will lease or purchase additional facilities for our research. Then we will have job opening for tree pathologists, entomologists, biologists, wholesale tree nursery director, nursery personel, and other skilled persons to help us do the research and to carry out our mission.

This page was last updated December 14, 2017.