We have a committment to develope and to build a first class forest pathology research center. And this takes a great deal of money.

We are looking for several parcels of forest land, in the Pacific Northwest. On one of these properties, we are planning to build, develope, and operate the Washington Institute of Dendrology Research Center, an outstanding forestry pathology research center where advanced tree pathology and entomology research will be done. This important forest and tree patholgy research center will be complete with up-to-date research laboratories, an extensive forest pathology and entomology library, greenhouses, tree nurseries, classrooms, dormitories, cafeterias, offices, and support buildings for advanced tree pathology and entomology research and studies.

In addition, we are planning to design, build and operate a large commercial facility to help provide income for the forest pathology research center. This facility will have a large grand hall that may be rented for group activities and business meetings, large group meetings, weddings, and other special group functions and activities. To help provide a steady income for our tree pathology center, this facility will also have outdoor recreation facilities, fine dinning, and with year-around bed and breakfast facilities.
This facility will be built on a prominent very large hill location above the Columbia River, in the grape and wine producing and fruit orchard areas. This facility will be a distinctive destination with an appeal to a wide group of clientele. The style of construction will be that of a medieval European castle. This castle will be built to work, look, and function as a medieval stone castle.

In addition, we will offer wine tasting facilities in our nearby wineyard and wine grapes.

Corporation Information

The Washington Institute of Dendrology Research is a scientific and educational non-profit corporation registered with the State of Washington. We do business as The Washington Institute of Dendrology Research. We are registered with the Federal government and we are in the process of applying for our 501(c)(3) non-profit classification for tax purposes.
The Washington Institute of Dendrology Research Center is in the formalizing period. This a great time to climb aboard and help us to get going.

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Washington Institute of Dendrology Research
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Executive Director


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